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Event schedule coming soon.

To view or purchase pictures from the August 25th event, follow the link to PHOTOSBYJUHA.COM (if not directed to the photo album, click "continue" at the bottom of the page)[/i]

To view or purchase pictures from the June 2nd event, follow the link to PHOTOSBYJUHA.COM (if not directed to the photo album, click "continue" at the bottom of the page)

Watch this exciting video promo of ERME's HPDE events with FARA Racing:

To view or purchase pictures from the April 21st event, follow the link to PHOTOSBYJUHA.COM (if not directed to the photo album, click "continue" at the bottom of the page)[/i]

ERME is the creator and home of the original “2-FOR-1" Ultimate Track Day Experience!

“If you build it, they will come”
is a famous quote from the movie "Field of Dreams"

We have built the "Track Day" equivalent of the "Field of Dreams"

An affordable way to get you and your car on track. The HPDE community not only asked for it, but in this difficult economy, demanded it! We have listened and we have reacted. [font]

Register with a friend and one of your registrations is completely FREE!!

For details see below:

ERME 2-For-1 Offer - Terms & Conditions
1. Both drivers must register for the event through ERME’s website. This is important so that ERME has complete driver information on both drivers.

2. First driver registering will be charged the full amount ($299, or $349 for novice). Second driver may enter a dummy credit card number when registering (CC# 000000000000000). If an intermediate or advanced solo driver registers with a novice driver, then the 2-for-1 price will be the novice's price of $349.

3. BOTH drivers must note upon registering that they are participating in the 2-for-1 offer AND list the name of the friend registering with them.

*NOTE: The free event is a FULL registration. It is not for a 2nd driver for the same car, and you're not splitting track time with your friend. You will get full track time in your own car.

To view pictures from December 18, 2010 (mostly of the Novice Group, courtesy of Chris L) go to:

To view pictures from June 19, 2010 go to: ... 02_WRZAz#1025489908_2em46

To view pictures from April 18, 2010 go to:

To view pictures from February 27, 2010 go to: ... otos/?photoAlbumId=838528

Announcing "LOYALTY LAPS" a program to reward our loyal participants. After FIVE paid events (at regular price, excludes 2-for-1 promotion) , you will receive your next entry FREE! This will start with our next event. Drivers need to do nothing different to receive this, other than register for an event as always. ERME will automatically notify you of your reward.
ERME Mission Statement
What is“ERME”?

ERME means Equipe Rapide Motorsports Experience. Have you often thought about what your car could do if you were on a race track, or how fast you could take that on ramp? Now ERME brings you the most economical opportunity to see what you can do on a real track! ERME provides you a format to drive your car as fast as you desire in a safe and non-competitive setting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Do This?

You just bring you and your car. Any safe car is allowed. It does not have to be anything special or unique. Participants drive anything from a "Smart" Car, to a fully race prepared, yet streetable Corvette Z06. Check all requirements listed before attending.

Who Can Do This?

Anyone may participate. The minimum age is usually 18 (16 with a parent or guardian’s release). Many different drivers with various types of cars enter these events.

Is your Car Subject to Contact?

"Car to Car" contact, or contact with a solid object is extremely rare. You may want to check your insurance coverage. There have been situations where insurance has covered damage based on the fact that you were attending a "driving school".

Will You be on Track with Other Cars?

Drivers/Cars are only on track with other drivers of the same or similar experience, and will not be subject to "side by side" situations. Participants are separated based on their experience. Drivers are placed in three different run groups: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. All participants are permitted to drive at any speed they feel to be safe. All Novice drivers are required to have in-car instructors and attend numerous classroom sessions.


Any car in safe operating condition, that passes tech inspection. ERME events have a self-tech policy where the driver is responsible that their vehicle meets the tech checklist.

A valid driver’s license from your state of residence.

Seat belts must be in good working order. Racing Harness’ must be secured per SCCA rules, and in good condition (no tears or fraying).

Short or Long sleeve shirts, with long pants made of 100% Cotton. Drivers/Racing shoes or leather upper Gym / Tennis shoes. NO open toe, or sandals / flip-flops are permitted.

NEW: [u]All helmets are required to have a Snell 2000 (SA2000) or, M2000 or higher safety rating.
"DOT" rated helmets are NOT permitted.

[i]Open Cars

Convertibles/Roadsters equipped with factory rollover protection, including pop-up and hoop systems (i.e. BMW M3, Z4, Z8 Convertible, Porsche Boxster, Carrera Cabriolet, Honda S2000, Audi TT, Nissan 350Z, 2007 and newer models of the Mazda Miata MX-5, and similar) are allowed. For cars without factory rollover protection, a four point, structural roll bar is required. It is the driver’s responsibility to assure that any aftermarket roll bar has been deemed safe for HPDE Events by the Installer and/or Fabricator. Retractable hard tops are required to run in the up position. Soft Tops, may run up or down. Roll bar padding is required at any point where your helmet can make contact to the bar.
Photo Gallery
December 19th 2009 at HMS
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Breathless Performance
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Photos by Juha - 12
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Photos by Juha - 21
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